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Our History

Shelly started Shelly’s Dance and Costume at 25 years old in 1982. Her passion for fitness and dance came about when she took up ice skating as a child.
Being that it was the 80′s and the style was leotards legwarmers and leggings, Shelly decided to open up her own dance/fitness store where she would carry affordable dance and fitness wear for the average customer.

Shelly originally started her store on Santa Monica Blvd and it was just 186 square feet! About the same size as her store dressing room. She quickly outgrew her closet of a store and moved into what is now Shelly’s but at the time was only 1,000 square feet.

Shelly’s didn’t become a one-stop-shop for dance, fitness, and costumes over night. She began carrying costumes year round when a customer came in looking for a pair of angel wings. Shelly told her that she would have them in a few days. It was then she decided she wanted to carry costumes and accessories in addition to her activewear and dancewear. A few days later she had the angel wings for the customer along with a dozen other wings and a handful of costumes. The rest is history.

As years went on and business grew larger and larger, she kept expanding the store to what it is now. Currently at 5,000 square feet, Shelly’s carries a large variety dance wear, dance shoes, fitness wear, costumes, accessories, tights, gloves, hats, make-up and much much more!