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  • Pixie tinkerbell wings

    Give your costume a fanciful look. Add wings sparkle and glam

  • Wigs for Kids and Adults

    Costume Wigs for Kids to Adults, Men and Women. From Long, Short, Curls, Straight to afro!

  • Dance tights

    Fishnets, Shiny, Colored, Footed, convertible & More. Shop our large selection of tights!

  • Tutus

    Tutus come in various sizes, colors and lengths. Tutus can be worn for dance, costume or fashion

  • petticoat

    Petticoats are an essential if you're wearing a Tutu, skirt, poodle skirt or costume.

  • Wrist gloves

    We carry a ton of gloves for kids to adults that come in different lengths, material and colors

  • Women's Tiaras

    Tiaras are the perfect addition to a costume or dance outfit.

  • Animal Kits
    Animal Kits

    Create a unique animal costume with Animal Costume Kits. Bunnies, Cats, Lions, Mice & more!

  • Make-Up Kits

    Make-Up is that finishing touch you need to complete your costume!

  • Long Capes

    We carry all superhero capes in a variety of colors. We customize & create capes per your needs!

  • Funny hats

    Hats to make your costume complete! From witch hats to top hats, we've got you covered!

  • masquerade masks

    Masks can complete your halloween costume. Or skip the costume and put a mask on this Halloween

  • False Eyelashes

    Self Adhesive False Eyelashes are easy to put on and a quick way to stand out!

  • Feather Boas by Rubies

    Decorate your costume or wear your school colors with a feather boa!

  • Swirl Twirl for hair buns
    Hair Accessories

    From colored hair extensions to bun nets & hair clips, shop our selection of hair accessories!

  • Ballet Bun Covers
    Buns Covers

    Bun Covers for Dancers, Ballet Dancers, Skating and more.

  • Dance Bags for all types of dance.

    Variety of Dance Bags that come in different colors, sizes and shapes. A Must for dancers! :

  • Christmas Costumes & Accessories

    Red & Green Tights, Bows, Hats, Velour ZipUps. Everything you need to get in the Christmas Spirt