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Animal Kits

Product Description

Animal Costume Kits are perfect for those who want to make their own unique costume. We carry EVERYTHING you may need to put together your own animal costume. From ears to tails, to noses and paws. For a variety of different animals. Not only do we carry the animal kids, we carry leotards, unitards, tights, gloves, petticoats, make-up and more.

One stop shop to get your complete animal costume this Halloween!

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3 piece leopard kit by Leg Avenue includes pink kitty ear headband, tail, and fingerless gloves.

We carry unitards and leotards at Shelly's to complete your sexy leopard costume.

3 pc. Zombie bunny kit by Leg Avenue, includes bloody ear headband, paws, and bunny tail.

We carry tutus, leotards, skirts, petticoats and blood to complete your zombie bunny look!

This Pretty Kitty Costume Kit includes the fur-trimmed pink paw-print gloves, black headband with pink-lined ears and a pink bow, and the furry black tail.

Perfect for transforming any outfit into an instant unique cat costume!

Leg Avenue 3 Piece Panda Headband Tail Fingerless Paws Kit is an inexpensive way to create an adorable yet sexy Halloween Costume.

Just wear a tutu and leotard with this Panda accessory kit and you have an instant Panda costume!

Instantly be a bunny or kitty. We carry bunny and kitty and other animal kits that allow you to transform into an adorable furry costume of your choice. A very affordable and creative option many people like for Halloween.