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Product Description

Blood and Blood Effects, Face Make-Up, Clown & Mime, Adhesive and Sealers, Gothic and Horror Make-up, Body Art, Body Jewels, Eye Shadows, Lipsticks, Lip and Eye Pencils, Safe Make-Up for Kids, Washable Hair spray colors.

Key Brands

  • Rubies
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Make-up kits for theatrical and costume

Fake Vampire Blood Makeup by Rubies
Includes 1oz tube of water washable blood.

This Fake Skin Putty includes: one .25 oz. fake skin putty dish. Fake skin can be used to create unlimited special effects (bullet holes, scars, cuts, etc.). So real its creepy. A great accessory to any costume. Perfect for children and adults.

Spirit gum by Rubies. Use to apply prosthetics and theatrical hair. Under $5.

Black Tooth Liquid for blacking out one or more teeth. Perfect for those scary and creepy costumes!