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Product Description

Costume wigs for kids to adults and women and men include Disney princess wigs, Monster wigs, Decade Wigs, Vampire and Witch wigs, Clown Wigs, Famous Pop Star Wigs or Rock Star Wigs, Different Color Wigs, Gothic and Horror Wigs and much much more! Long curly styles that reach to your waist done in hot pink or blue or natural shades. Depending on your costume a wig can truly make a statement and create the fantasy look that you are going after. From flapper short styles to Indian maidens long dark braided locks to afros and 80's rocker. Our wigs are always a hit at Costume parties!

Key Brands

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Various Wigs for Kids to Adults include Ariel from the Little Mermaid, Unicorn wigs, witch wigs, pop star wigs, cartoon character wigs, Marilyn Monroe Wigs, Old Lady and Old Man Wigs, Wigs for the Grease Characters (Sandy, Frenchie), Cleopatra Wigs, I Love Lucy Wig, Betty Boop Wig and much much more!

Our wall of Costume Wigs include every color wig. From pop stars like Katy Perry or Justin Bieber to Elvis Wigs, to Star Trek Wigs to President Wigs to 80's Rock Wigs. We literally have every wig you can imagine for men, women and kids!

Hippie Wigs for that far out 60's, 70's, or 80's costumes. We carry the hippielong straight hair in various colors, we carry afros and fake mustaches and fake beards. From short to long we got your 60's, 70's and 80's look covered!

Variety of Wigs for any costume! Our wigs come in various colors, lengths and styles.

Costume Wigs for every type of costume or look you're going for. We carry a wide variety!