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Wings for Halloween Costumes
  • Wings for Halloween Costumes
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  • Ladybug Wings
  • Colorful butterfly wings
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Product Description

Shelly's carries a variety of costume wings including everything from fairy wings to angel wings to butterfly wings and pixie / Tinkerbell wings. Our Costume wings come in various colors and sizes for Children and Adults.

Key Brands

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We carry various types of Angel wings and haloes for Kids, Teens and Adults. Angel Wings and Angel Halos comes in white and black.

We also carry Devil wings and Devil horns for kids, teens and adults.

We have numerous corsets and leotards as well as tutus and skirts, so making your own angel or devil costume is simple and fun at Shelly's! We have the matching tights and accessories too!

Just add fairy dust and you are ready to fly. These beautiful iridescent pixie wings shimmer in the light and are accented with a green ribbon detail. The pixie wings are the perfect finishing touch for your fairy, Tinkerbell, sprite or pixie costume.

Ee carry Pixie/Tinkerbell wings for kids and adults

We carry adorable ladybug wings for children and adults. Instantly create your own lady bug costume at Shelly's, by putting together a leotard, tights or leggings, wings and antennas. Everything can easily be found at Shelly's!

Colorful butterfly wings come in various colors such as yellow, blue, teal, red, green, pink and more! Dress up your adorable little one in sparkly cute wings this Halloween. Tutus, Leotards, Tights, Antennas and Skirts can all be found at Shelly's.

Children Rainbow Wings are the perfect accessory for butterfly or fair costumes. Rainbow Child Costume Wings Size. We have EVERY color tutu and leotard. So be creative and unique, create your own fairy costume at Shelly's!

Starting at $15.