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Product Description

We offer all kinds of boys Halloween costumes on sale, year round! And a ton of Boy Costumes Accessories such as capes, masks, wigs, swords and daggers.

Popular Boy Costumes include: Ninja Boys Costume, Ninja Turtles Boys Costume, Super Mario Boys Halloween Costume, Boys Werewolf Costume, Boys Mummy Costume, Batman & Robin Costume for Boys, Star Trek and Star Wars Costumes, Darth Vader Boys Costume, Pizza Boy Costumes, Banana Boy Costumes.

Key Brands

  • Rubies


We carry all 4 Ninja Turtle Costumes for boys. We carry the new TMNT costumes and the original ones. They includes a shell, mask and bodysuit.

Boys Dracula Costume includes Vest and Cape.

Make-up sold separately at Shelly's

Peter Pan and a variety of other storybook characters can be found at Shelly's.

We carry various pirates for toddlers and boys.

We carry a variety of Cowboy & Western Costumes for boys.

Ninja costumes come in different colors and styles.

Ninja Turtle Costumes is a big one this year. We carry all 4 turtles. Boys love getting dresses up as all 4 turtles with their siblings or friends.

Largest selection of Policeman, Fireman and other occupational costumes for boys! Sizes start at infant / Toddler to XL in boys.