A Tutu for All Occasions!

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A Tutu for All Occasions!

  A good tutu is hard to find. I personally believe that all women from the ages of 8 to 32 should have a "just because" tutu. What is a "just because" tutu? It's that tutu you bought one day just because it was so freakin' cute. A common misconception is that tutus are primarily for dancers, ballet recitals, and little girls on Halloween. However, I reassure you that tutus can be worn on many different occasions.

The Rave Tutu- This tutu is short, sparkly, and colorful. Preferably worn over a shiny bodysuit, or for the bold, thong panties and pasties. Raves aren't the only place that this type of tutu is worn, it’s also acceptable at concerts and festivals (Coachella). Trust me this get the party started tutu will have all eyes on you. Accessorized with glitter make-up, stickers, and candies.

The Party Tutu- Not to be confused with the rave tutu because this one is the more conservative of the two. This tutu is longer (slightly), solid in color, themed for the event or perfectly accented for your outfit. More often than not, complimented with a low rise shoe or flat, this is your go to tutu for being or attempting to be the life of the party. Accessorized with statement earrings, a bold lip, and a crop top.

The Formal Tutu- This tutu is always long and light in color (white, pink, baby blue). Great layered over a long dress or skirt. This tutu is going to give you a princess look; elegant, glamorous, and completely untouchable. Accessorized great with expensive heels and pearls.

The Funeral Tutu- Obviously this tutu is black, mid-length, and worn over black leggings. Great with black flats.

The Birthday Tutu- This tutu can be worn not just on your birthday but friends, family, and little kids birthdays as well. This tutu can be any color that matches your outfit. Dress this tutu up without holding back because birthdays only come around once a year.
The Tutu that Matches the Kids- If you have a little sister (or brother), daughter (son), or niece (nephew) make sure you have a tutu that matches theirs. This tutu is usually a color related to whatever cartoon character they're currently into and should be dressed up with costume jewelry and bright make-up.

What's great about all this tutu's and even the accessories mentioned above is that they can all be purchased at Shelly's Dance and Costume. I've gotten all my different occasion tutus custom made there and I recommend everyone do the same.